Match information

Saturday, February 4, 2023 14:30 Fan club advance opening
15:00 General opening
17:00 Start of the match
Sunday, February 5, 2023 11:30 Fan club advance opening
12:00 General opening
14:00 Start of the match

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You can view the show on J Block's highly cushioned premium seats.​

Each comes with the following benefits.

Saturday, February 4th​
Take a photo with the players! Signed! !

After the match, you will have your photo taken with one of your designated players, and the photo will be autographed and given to you. Please select your designated player when purchasing tickets.​ Regarding the implementation on the day, please cooperate with the guidance of the staff on the day.​

This is a photo image taken with an instax camera.​
The players will sign these photos on the spot and give them to you.​

Saturday, February 5th​
Comes with a souvenir from Aomori! !

Tohoku Free Blaze collaboration label apple juice of ``Fairy Pink Gold Label'', which is sold in limited quantities and uses apples from the Beni no Yume variety known as ``magic fruits that bring about miracles,'' and Hachinohe's local cuisine, sea urchin and abalone. We will give you the soup ``Strawberry Boiled'' as a souvenir.​
Benefits can be exchanged at the goods sales corner. If you purchased an advance ticket, please present your order completion email screen or My Page purchase screen on Shopify, and if you purchased a same-day ticket, please present your ticket at the goods sales corner by the start of the third period.​

fairy pink gold label

Toyota Farm​

Boiled strawberries

Aji no Kakunoya Co., Ltd.

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